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Etymology: Greek erOtikos, from erOt-, erOs
1 : of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire
2 : strongly marked or affected by sexual desire

Welcome to the community for ADULTS ONLY!

Please read the few rules I have posted to make this a great & fun community.


- PLEASE be at LEAST 18 year's old. I will be checking dates to approve you to join.

- Remember to post ONLY erotic photos of yourself or you S.O. No copyrighted material, please.

- ANY & ALL sexual orientations are welcome. This is includes couples.

- Please use an LJ cut when posting pictures. And include "NSFW" or "NWS".

- Lastly, ALL posts MUST be FRIEND'S ONLY! If your entry is NOT, I will simply delete it.

- Have fun & respect one another.